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This division of our company is called the Electronic Transportation Development Center. We are an 8-year-old center of excellence in technology that uses technology from Silicon Valley to support the green transportation industry. Our 3 primary categories of vehicle development:

Gated Community  •  Freeway Worthy  •  Re-Power School Buses

The most current design of the Electric School Bus Project

Disruptive Innovation School Bus Schematic

Electric School Bus with Solar Assisted Fueling



As our ETDC Designed/Strategized for this BREATHE CALIFORNIA HEALTH TRUST project there were 9 statements our team can reasonably conclude TODAY. These are displayed on the ETDC Strategy Chart.
  1. This is a Silicon Valley DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION that if all the team members did their part could change the School Bus Industry across America by making it affordable & clean to use clean & green school buses.

  2. We are in  the middle of a 12 month PROOF OF CONCEPT GRANT program with 7  SILICON VALLEY Companies that we have brought together: (A) Repower Electric School Bus,   (B) Power Management/Solar Fueling, (C) Mechanic Training, (D) School District Demonstration, (E) Technology Financing, (F) Technology Search, and (G) Children’s Health.

  3. These companies bring together Silicon Valley technology that  will result in costing approximately 80% less to run your electric ADOMANI bus than your similar current diesel school  bus. That is only 20% of the cost of operating a school bus today. This does not include sales revenue from  potential EMISSION CREDITS by districts to non-conforming companies.

  4. From a Duty Cycle standpoint the designer should fuel their electric bus from the sun between the morning route and the afternoon route. The CH Reynolds – Cyber Switching Power Management system could reduce your fuel cost down to approximately 60 cents a gallon equivalent and actually help your electric utility to provide the clean energy for fuel during school & summer.

  5. That you should not throw your school bus away when you upgrade to an electric school bus. You should use your current bus and install an electric ADOMANI kit plus Silicon Valley safety technologies.

  6. Your union organization school bus mechanics already know 100% of their buses so when the diesel and gas tank are removed and an electric Repower kit from ADOMANI is added the district sends their current mechanics to a special GTWD Training session where they learn about the new 10% (the solar and the kit) so they can continue to be relevant employees  knowing about the new electric and solar propulsion.

  7. Children’s Health and Safety will be vastly improved based upon the 9 factors covered on the Breathe California Children, Buses and Diesel Fuel 5/27/14 sheet in the Press Package. This has been a concern of parents for many years and it can be put to rest.

  8. That by combining government GRANTS and private capital from our GOV CAP-ATLANTIC CAPITAL $200,000,000 FINANCING Team that you can pay for these electric and solar upgrades from the savings from current energy costs budgeted and pay back the investment in approximately 5 years. You do not need to pay for these technology upgrades from your mainstream school district budget.

  9. You can have a 500+ HP electric school bus, not a 350 HP diesel, and you go from 0 to 50 mph in 10 seconds with an electric ADOMANI kit and CH Reynolds can assist in reducing emissions to the goal of ZERO EMISSION SQUARED and … reduce parents from having to drive their children to and from school.
– From Bob Garzee’s Closing Comments of 5/27/14: BREATHE CALIFORNIA PRESS CONFERENCE. The video below summarizes the appreciation for the work reflected in the design and strategy.

See the Electric Bus Running!

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